‘Russia, Ukraine invasion may plunge millions in Africa into hunger’

Wheat farm

Germany, yesterday, warned that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine may drive millions of people in Africa into hunger.

German Development Minister, Svenja Schulze, who issued the warning, noted that Ukraine’s wheat production – a major food source for Africa – could be at risk if the conflict continues.

Schulze added that it could mean “8 to 13 million additional people will be driven into hunger.”

The German Development Minister was speaking at an informal meeting of the European Union (EU) development ministers in the French city of Montpellier to discuss the Union’s aid efforts in Ukraine.

Schulze also announced €38 million ($41 million) in aid from her ministry to support the Ukrainian people. This was in addition to €37 million provided by the German Foreign Ministry, and €500 million already pledged by the European Commission.

She said: “Putin has brought immeasurable suffering to the people of Ukraine and we want to express our solidarity here and do everything we can to actually help Ukraine.”

It could mean 8 to 13 million additional people will be driven into hunger.

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