NSIA grants $24M for solar power electrification program

Experts installing solar panels

The Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA), is allocating $24 million (N10 billion) in funding for renewable energy aimed at the deployment of more than 200,000 solar home systems in Nigeria.

The NSIA, which manages Nigeria’s sovereign wealth fund, will finance the local assembly and deployment of solar panels to these homes, as part of its renewable energy investment in the country.

This investment is part of the “Solar power Naija” partnership between NSIA and Nigeria’s Rural Electrification Agency (REA), in line with the Federal Government’s economic sustainability plan under the supervision of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

REA, under the Nigerian Ministry of Power, is providing technical and advisory support to NSIA in this process.

NSIA is prioritizing climate-smart infrastructure to create access to affordable electricity for Nigeria’s underserved communities.

The Solar Power Naija program was established to provide access to electricity to 5 million households, or 25 million Nigerians in rural areas and underserved urban communities nationwide.

The program is also expected to create 20,000 manufacturing, assembly, and installation jobs to catalyze over 500,000 off-grid systems by 2023.

The Managing Director, NSIA, Uche Orji, said his institution is prioritizing climate-smart infrastructure to create access to affordable electricity for Nigeria’s underserved communities, especially in rural areas where 66% of the rural population still lacks access to electricity according to Power Africa.

Off-grid electricity

In 2022, South Korea will allocate about $12.4 million in funding to Nigeria for the installation of solar mini-grids in rural areas.

The project, led by energy providers, S&D Powernics and ILJIN Electrics, will bring the benefits of electricity, including improved security and night time activity to unserved populations.

After developing six mini-grids to facilitate rural electrification in Nasarawa State, energy provider Husk Power Systems will deliver its seventh mini-grid to Sabon Gida in Lafia City in 2022. The company plans to reach 500 solar hybrid mini-grids by 2026.

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