KLM to lead global sustainable aviation fuels market

Recognising that travelling by air connects people, businesses and cultures around the globe, Royal Dutch airline, KLM equally admits that the aviation industry today is far from sustainable.

As a result, the airline said it is working hard to improve every part of its operation, societal role and environmental impact by replacing fossil-based jet fuel with Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF).

In a message yesterday to its customers, KLM said: “As of 2022, we’ll blend a small percentage of SAF for every KLM flight departing from Amsterdam. Yes, today we’re still talking about small amounts of SAF, delivering only minor reductions in CO2 emissions.

“Unfortunately, there is very little production capacity available in the world. This means that SAF is at least 2 to 3 times more expensive.”

Despite its high cost and lack of capacity, the airline admits that SAF reduces at least 75% of CO2 emissions, compared to the use of traditional fossil fuel. In other words: SAF is the most sustainable fuel alternative.

Sustainable aviation

KLM therefore said its pathway to sustainable aviation consists of several measures, and each one contributes to reducing its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions step by step.

explained that these steps include fleet renewal, operational improvements and carbon offsets, adding that the far biggest contribution will be by replacing jet fuel with SAF.

Despite its high cost and lack of capacity, SAF reduces at least 75% of CO2 emissions, compared to the use of traditional fossil fuel. In other words: SAF is the most sustainable fuel alternative.

The message reads in part: “KLM is committed to leading the industry in growing the global SAF market. Today, we already have a substantial share in the worldwide SAF market. Nevertheless, it is still less than 1% of our total fuel usage. To reach our climate ambitions, we aim to use 10% SAF by 2030.”

To accelerate this transition, the airline announce two important new initiatives one of which passengers departing from its home base in Amsterdam can determine exactly how sustainably they want to travel.  

KLM explained: “As of January 2022, we will include a small amount of sustainable aviation fuel as standard for each ticket sold with a departure from Amsterdam.

“The amount corresponds from 1 and 4 euros for an Economy class flight, depending on the distance flown, and is a fully transparent contribution dedicated to purchasing SAF.”


“For passengers who wish to do even more, we have also expanded our CO2ZERO offer to now include several SAF-based options in addition to reforestation.

“KLM customers will now be able to choose to contribute to either or both reforestation and additional SAF options. This enables you to decide how sustainably you want to travel.”

Flying Blue

“To support our members in reducing their environmental footprint, Flying Blue will introduce the ability to use Miles for the CO2ZERO programme in 2022. Furthermore, members will be able to gain Experience Points (XP) by contributing to the CO2ZERO programme.

With these initiatives, KLM wants to make flying more sustainable, in a fully transparent way. KLM does not profit financially from these new initiatives. 100% of SAF revenue received through ticket sales and the expanded CO2ZERO programme will be directly, transparently and exclusively used to purchase new SAF and promote SAF production worldwide.”

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