Centre, NDPC train data protection officers, processors

The GIZ-Data Transformation Center (GIZ-DTC) Nigeria, the African Union-European Union (Au-Eu) Digital for Development (D4D) Hub Project on Thursday organised a training programme for Data Protection Officers (DPOs), processors and controllers.

The three -day training, held in Lagos, was in partnership with the Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC).

Speaking at the programme, Dr Vincent Olatunji, National Commissioner of the NDPC, said that the training was to further enlighten DPOs, to better understand the Data Protection Act of 2023.

Olatunji said that the NDPC, in line with its Strategic Roadmap and Action Plan, aimed to develop globally competitive human capital.

According to him, the training is expected to bridge the knowledge gap and deepen data privacy and protection within the ecosystem.

He said: “It is part of the major role of data controller and processors to have what we call technical measures (firewalls, encryption methods, software deployed)

“Organisations must consider the calibre of their human capacity, the kind of privacy policy statement to drive what they do and the kind of information they collect and process, share and store/secure.

“The weakest link could be a cleaner or driver and they should be properly trained on data protection,” he said.

The training will support the digital ecosystem and advance digital transformation of Nigeria by instilling a culture of responsible data handling.

Olatunji said unavailability of funds was a major challenge in data protection, noting the problem was not peculiar to Nigeria.

He said that the Commission has been carrying out investigations around resolving data breaches.

Dr Thuweba Diwani, Commission Manager, GIZ-DTC Nigeria, said that by educating data processors and controllers, organisations could minimise the risks associated with data breaches, legal violations and reputational damage.

She said the ultimate goal was to instil a culture of data protection and privacy awareness, wherein every member of an organisation contributes to upholding the integrity and security of data, while adhering to legal requirements.

“The training’s core objective is to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to collect, process and store personal data in full compliance with the law.

“The training will support the digital ecosystem and advance digital transformation of Nigeria by instilling a culture of responsible data handling.

“It will equip individuals and organisations with the knowledge and skills required to safeguard sensitive information, thus building trust among customers and business partners,” she added.

Diwani noted that as Nigeria continues to embrace digital transformation, organisations would be well prepared to leverage on data-driven innovations, while ensuring data security

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the training is being attended by participants from the private sector, Civil Society Organisations and government institutions. (NAN)

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