Branka Mracajac is CEO at 9PSB

The Board of 9PSB has appointed Branka Mracajac, as the new Chief Executive Officer. As the CEO, she is responsible for the overall strategic and operational performance of 9PSB, and the achievement of its growth and profitability agenda.

A seasoned enterprise resource planning expert with over 15 years in digital finance across 30 markets, Mracajac holds an enviable record of accomplishments in digital financial services and risk management.

Prior to her appointment by 9PSB, she demonstrated her ingenuity working as the Group Chief Risk Officer at Digital Finance International; and responsible for the risk management operations of the company, its subsidiaries and other groups of related entities in its countries of operations. They include Russia, India, APAC, LatAm, Moldova, Ukraine, Spain, Lithuania, and Balkan region, where she managed integration of risk concepts into strategic planning, risk identification, and risk mitigation activities.

A statement from 9PSB said the Serbian national has also to her accomplishment a record of accelerating the adoption of digital payments and facilitating financial inclusion for various markets across Europe and other emerging markets around the world.

She is passionate about women development and empowerment and believes that financial inclusion is the right of every individual.

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