7 countries with the best healthcare systems in Africa

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Sustainable Economy Nigeria (SEN) presents to you 7 African countries with the best health care systems.

Before then, are you familiar with the age long saying: Health is wealth? Trust you are, and it has never been truer. Health is, unfortunately, one of the most underrated conditions in the world. But that’s only until someone falls ill and needs medical attention.

Oh well, we all need medical attention by the way. That’s exactly why quality healthcare systems are as important as the very air we breathe every day.

Sadly, reports say that healthcare systems across Africa are generally sub-standard compared to other parts of the world. Little wonder millions of Africans prefer to seek medical attention abroad, in what is now being described as medical tourism.

Permit us to say that the most unfortunate reality about medical tourism by Africans is the capital flight aspect that comes with it. And just to show you how serious this problem is, a recent balance of payment data by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) shows that Nigerians spent a total of $11.01 billion on medical tourism over the past 10-11 years.

Nigerians spent a total of $11.01 billion on medical tourism over the past 10-11 years (CBN).

African countries lighting the trail

Oh no, don’t go panicky already! The fact that millions of Africans prefer to seek medical treatment abroad does not mean the Africa’s healthcare sector is totally dead; we don’t want to sound mean here, please. Truly, there are some African countries that are not really doing badly, healthcare-wise.

We present to you 7 in the list as shared by Numbeo’s healthcare index.

Please note that Numbeo defines the healthcare index as “an estimation of the overall quality of the healthcare system, healthcare professionals, equipment, staff, doctors, cost, etc.”

Here we go: 7 African countries with the best healthcare systems and their index scores:

1.      South Africa, 63.97

2.      Kenya, 63.40

3.      Tunisia, 56.54

4.      Algeria, 52.88

5.      Nigeria, 48.49

6.      Egypt, 47.01

7.      Morocco, 46.69

Are you surprised South Africa topped the list? Or that Nigeria made the list?

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  1. If Nigeria is on this list, then correctness and authenticity of this report/assessment, is very very questionable. There’s indeed no plausible reason why Nigeria should be on the list.

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